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AweZome Leggings


Polyester/Spandex Leggings

These leggings have a really special 'Fabric Feel'.  Really soft and comfortable!

SIZE 1 - fits UK  6-10

SIZE 2 - fits UK 10-14 

SIZE 3 -fits UK 14-18

SIZE 4 - fits UK 18-20 (?22)

The size 1 and 4 are brand new to us so we welcome feedback on how they fit and how true to this sizing they are :). We have tested them but info on different bodies the better :) They are stretchy so the sizing is quite general.  Size appropriate pictures coming soon.

Leggings are long so will be ankle length on taller (up to 33" inside leg) and will gather at ankle if shorter.  Looks good both ways :)

Machine Washable but hand wash to preserve colours longer


Non-UK orders must all be shipped Tracked due to Coronavirus problems so there is a £5 flat rate postage for non-uk orders up to £80. Over £80 orders have no postage added.

Made in China but sent from Blue Booby HQ in the UK


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