Braid Back Bra

Blue Booby

£22.00 £25.00
Braid Back Bra
Blue booby bra tops.  Made in Bali.  Beautiful and functional
Beautiful braided back with Flower of life centre.
Awesome for backless tops/dresses.
90% Cotton, 10% Spandex


Sizes are approximate and also depend on boob size and the fit you want but this is the general guide:

SMALL (approx size 6-8-10 UK)

MEDIUM (approx size 10-12 UK)

LARGE (approx size 12-14 UK)

EXTRA LARGE (approx size 14-16-18 UK)

I am 34DD and about a 14 and wear Large or Medium.

Bras are on sale at the moment as they are the first trial run of them and we need to confirm sizing :)  So enjoy!

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