Christmas Leggings (M,L)

AweZome Leggings


Polyester/Spandex Leggings

These leggings have a really special 'Fabric Feel'.  Really soft and comfortable!

fits UK 10-14   (previously size 2)

fits UK 14-18 (size 3)

Leggings are long so will be ankle length on taller (up to 33" inside leg) and will gather at ankle if shorter.  Looks good both ways :)

Machine Washable but hand wash to preserve colours longer


Shipping to UK: FREE

No shipping to the EU - see Blue Booby Europe

Anywhere else: £10  

Note: You are responsible for paying for possible customs fees.

In Australia? You can buy from the UK but save on shipping time & customs by shopping Blue Booby Australia

Made in China but sent from Blue Booby HQ in the UK


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