Crossed Back Vest

Blue Booby

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Crossed Back Vest


Blue booby Crossed back vests with inbuilt bra.  Made in Bali.  Beautiful and functional
Everyone is always asking if we do longer tops with the crossed back so here you go :)
Distinctive crossed back.  Incredibly comfortable and surprisingly supportive!
90% Cotton, 10% Spandex


Sizes are approximate and also depend on boob size and the fit you want but this is the general guide:

SMALL (approx size 6-8-10 UK)

MEDIUM (approx size 10-12 UK)

LARGE (approx size 12-14 UK)

EXTRA LARGE (approx size 14-16-18 UK)

I am 34DD  and a 14 and I wear Large or XL.

We have only got a small number of these longer tops to see how you like them so these will be going for just £26 including shipping.  Buy yours today :)