Crossed Back Bra - Blue Booby

Blue Booby


Beautiful and functional, our best selling bra and for good reason!

Distinctive crossed back. Incredibly comfortable and surprisingly supportive!

Great for yoga, hooping, pole fitness, festival outfits or just general wear. Awesome for backless tops/dresses.


Sizes are approximate and also depend on your boob size and the fit you want.

XS (approx size 6-8 UK)

S (approx size 6-8-10 UK)

M (approx size 10-12 UK)

L (approx size 12-14 UK)

XL (approx size 14-16-18 UK)

I am 34DD and wear size M for tight fit, or size L for looser fit.

They are also stretchy enough to be maternity and breast feeding friendly. :)

TIP: When you put the top on, grab the parts on your shoulders and pull apart a bit to move the crossed section down your back. This makes the top fit to you. :)


90% Cotton, 10% Spandex


Shipping to UK: FREE

Anywhere else: £10

Note: You are responsible for paying for possible customs fees.

In Australia? You can buy from the UK but save on shipping time & customs by shopping Blue Booby Australia


Made in Bali but sent from Blue Booby HQ in the UK.

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