EZ Clips

Blue Booby

EZ Clips

EZ Clips from Serenity Hoops and New Whirled Designs 

White nylon button head & galvanised music wire spring clip for hoops

Can be used on both 3/4 and 5/8 hoop tubing, polypro or HDPE

Message from Blue Booby Owner Emma Kenna:

"The BEST push buttons for your hoops!  If you know the frustration (and the thumb pain) of opening hoop push buttons regularly then these will change your life!  Get some of these and swap out your old metal push buttons.  You'll never go back.  Your thumbs will thank you and you'll never have to go on a search for a key/spoon/someone with fingers of steel again :P"

Information from Serenity Hoops & New Whirled Designs:

"Lighter to the touch, easy on the fingers, our custom manufactured parts are designed to make breaking down your hoop easier than ever. This two-part spring clip is made of galvanised music wire (that's the metal spring part) and our own nylon round-top push-button head. With less resistance in the spring, and a lower profile on the hoop, these EZ clip buttons will revolutionise the way you make your hoops."



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